Thursday, January 30, 2014

Chinese New Year Collaboration - Chinese Zodiac - Sheep!

Hello my lovelies. For Chinese New Year, I volunteered to do a makeup look for one of the corresponding animals of the Chinese Zodiac. This year is the Year of the Horse, but I chose my birth year animal, the Sheep! I will be linking you to all of these lovely bloggers once everyone has posted, so this post will be subject to change. Let's get started with the makeup tutorial for the Sheep!

I might end up buying this sheep plushie. Too cute! I tried my best to do similar makeup to this sheep's cute little face. The only thing I was missing was horns & super white curly hair, which I'll be working on getting soon!

" Baaaaaaa ! "

Here's the finished look. I think I did fairly well with this. I've never done anything like this to my face before! I got some silly stares from my father while editing my photos. :P

Tutorial : Start up!

Firstly, I added my circles lenses first to avoid later contamination with makeup. These lenses are Dia in the color Black [ review here ]. I felt since you mainly see black eyes on sheep, these would be perfect!

I prepped my face using my normal morning routine, which I will do a blog post about soon, & primed my face with Etude House's Baby Choux Base in Berry Choux [ review here ].

This is what my face looks like so far.

Then, I took a foundation that's much lighter than my natural skin tone, applied that with my fingers all over my face, including my lips & neck. I used NYX's Stay Matte but Not Flat Foundation.

To set the makeup, I applied a translucent powder. I wish I knew the name of this, but I've had it for years. Any powder will work!

All my foundation is blended nicely & my lips are muted out for the next steps!

I decided to conceal & highlight after so my face would have more of a sheen to it. I set the concealer with the highlight powder. I used Physicians Formula Nude Concealer & Etude House's Bling In The Sea Cheek Sun Brightener [ review here ].

It looked super pretty in person. My face was dewy perfection!

Next, I took a black eyeliner from Secret Key that I got in my first ever Memebox & lined my entire lid, not going past my crease, then took a fluffy brush & Blackout from the Naked 2 palette, filled in the lid area to set the liner & blended that out into my crease.

A very simple & easy eye. It's got some glitter to it as well!

I took a black gel liner, I think this is from the brand Motives & an angled brush & free hand drew my "sheep nose". I took a lot of time on this area. I do advise doing this step after you've done all of your makeup since the black liner will transfer to your bottom lip. I even set it with the same black shadow I used on my eyes.

This was the most drastic part of this look. I found it super fun! Maybe using facial paint would work better than liner & shadow, but it was easy to accomplish. I filled in my nostril area & made it look like a small sheep nose, lined the middle of my cupids bow, & then filled in my entire upper lip. I probably could have curled the inner corners of my lips more to look more sheep authentic.

Then taking a concealer & a light eyeshadow, I went over my brows with the concealer to get most of the dark hair to a more blonder color & then used the first color on the Naked 2 Palette to set the concealer. 

It looks a tad silly, but it worked out well since I already have blond hair.

Lastly, I added some pretty lashes I got years ago to set the look. Any lashes will do, it's totally up to your preference!

The finished eye, closeup. I didn't use any mascara since I already had some on, so I would put some mascara on if you really want to.

You may take any curling wand or iron you have & curl your hair, including your bangs. Sheep have very curly fur! 

And that's all there is to this look!

I find sheep to be very simple animals, so I really wanted this look to be simple to achieve. 


I actually thought I looked more lion like, but when I asked people if I looked like a sheep, they told me I really did, so I stopped worrying!

Here's a full list of the items I used:

Etude House Baby Choux Base in Berry Choux
NYX Matte but Not Flat Foundation in Light
Transcluent Powder & Powder Brush
Physicians Formula Nude Concealer
Etude House Bling in The Sea Cheek Sun Brightener
Secret Key Twinkle Waterproof Gel Pencil Liner
Naked 2 Shadow - Blackout
Motive Black Gel Liner & Hello Kitty Angled Brush
Skin Food Banana Concealer Stick in Light Tone
Naked 2 Shadow - Foxy
Lashes of Choice
Revlon Curling Wand

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Hope you've enjoyed this tutorial! I really did my best!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Have a wonderful day, my lovelies. Collect all the red envelopes! Eat all the food! 




  1. Great look, Ashley! You've captured the cute innocence of a sheep very well. Your hair looks so soft and bouncy and really reminds me of sheep's wool. Happy Lunar New Year! :)

    1. Thanks Terri! I admit I had no idea what I was going for while doing this look, but I'm happy it came out the way it did! Happy Lunar New Year to you as well <3

  2. You did a great job! I think this was so creative and it really looks like a cute and fluffy sheep :) Love it!!

    1. Thank you Louise! Creatively simple, I'm glad I was able to do this! Thanks for reading <3

  3. Great job mickee, you look like cute little sheep :) happy CNY

    1. Thank you Winda <3 Happy Chinese New Year to you too!

  4. Hehe adorable :D
    You look perfect even without makeup /jellyyyy

    1. shuushsush nooo, please don't be jelly, you look perfect without any makeup too! <3

  5. Awww! Look at you! //squishes your cheeks. <3
    You look so cute! I love that little nose you did! *A*
    But really, you fit this zodiac SOOO well~ Curly hair goes amazing with this!
    Thank you for joining! ///v///

    1. Yayay, I was hoping you would like the tutorial. I'm so happy I was able to collaborate with you! I'm going check your tutorial out right now <3

  6. hi ashley! you have such a lovely innocent face to begin with so this zodiac i think is matched perfectly with you, just like with gin getting the bunny :) and PS your skin is just so luminous!

    1. Awe, thank you Shayne! The sweet comments mean so much to me <3 Stay beautiful & thanks for reading <3

  7. Haha aww Ashley you're soooo adorable looking with the sheep nose and lips xD the moment gin sent the banner my eyes found your sheep photo first and I giggled haha cause you look so cute :D but it must be hard drawing eyeliner on the upper lip I can only imagine xD