Tuesday, January 28, 2014

REVIEW: Fortune Cookie Soap!

Hey lovies, I'm back with another review. On my December Haul post, most of my comments wanted to know about the Fortune Cookie Soap I bought, so I decided I'd like to post a review on the soaps I bought as well as tell you more about the subscription they have. I promise, you'll love it, especially for my girls & guys who love soap products at affordable prices!

Fortune Cookie Soap was founded by husband & wife, Justin & Shannon after creating soaps as gifts for their family. They were noticed by many bath related stores & started selling to them; to nationwide stores & now they make soaps to sell to everyone across the world!

Let's start with the Fortune Cookie Soaps!

"In The Loop"

If you're thinking, "That looks like Froot Loops, does it smell like the cereal?"...
This soap smells just like Froot Loops, as if FCS crushed up the cereal & found a way to make an oil to put in this soap. It smells TO THE T, like Froot Loops. The little "loops" on the top are soap as well & add such a cute touch, as well as the drips of "milk" that are also soap. This is for the cereal obsessed!

"Blueberry Flapjacks"

I've never loved the scent of blueberry more than I do this. Blueberry & maple sweetness! This is the soap that smells up my entire bathroom. You can smell it from the hallway! I'd love to have this in a candle! You can't quite see the syrup, but it's there. & isn't the little butter square the CUTEST? 

"Cinnamon Rolled"

If you didn't know it was soap, you'd probably mistake this soap for an actual Cinnamon Roll cookie, bc this SCREAMS baked cinnamon goodness. Real cinnamon dusted on top? This smells good enough to eat. The glaze is also soap. 

The attention to detail on all of these soaps is amazing. 

When you think fortune cookie, you think the cookies with the fortunes...

Look closely, bc you can see the words on the fortune they add into each Fortune Cookie Soap. These soaps are the most unique & clever little soaps I've ever come in contact with. Move over Lush, FCS is my new favorite!

Each soap is about the size of my hand, but is hollow inside. I haven't used them all to the point where they collapse yet, but FCS offers a soap saver for these soaps. They also offer a soap dish made for these type of soaps since they don't contain any nasty artificials. That being said, they will deteriorate if left near water. 

Now, about these soaps. This may not be something everyone likes, but when you have a mother you work with that has very sensitive senses, using soaps that don't have a lingering scent after using is amazing for me. I can use these before work & not go into work smelling like the scents. If I really like a scent, I can always buy a body butter from FCS to apply after taking a shower. Not ideal for some, but for me, I do love this.

What I didn't like about these soaps is that the suds don't last long enough. I end up having to use the soap a second time to get more suds to wash my body up, but then I realize, there are no artificals in these soaps. These soaps also leave a very clean feeling in the shower & once you wipe all the water off of your body, you also very quite moisturized.

You can get these soaps in cute Chinese take out boxes in different colors. I advise getting them in the boxes if you travel with soap a lot.

These soaps can retail from $2+ to $5+ depending on if you get them with the add-ons.

Next I'll be talking about two products from The Nitemare Before Christmas line they had for their Halloween collection. They had a soap box made of all goodies from that line, but has since been sold out.

Both are in the scent "Sandy Claws" which is melted chocolate & chai spices.

I love chai. I love chai fraps with vanilla.
I don't like the smell of melted chocolate on my body & I should have taken that hint when I smelled The Body Shops Chocomania body butter my mom loves, but I decided it must be a different smell since the chai is in it.

A pretty red body soap. Red like Santa's Suit! I've found with this soap, when I use it, I don't smell the chocolate as much as I smell like chai, so I've grown to really love using this soap. The black stuff you see around the bottles opening, was black tape. FCS takes a lot of care of their products & know that these are prone to leaking out everywhere. Props to FCS! This retails for $10.99.

Though this body butter has the same scent as the body wash, I find myself unable to use it due to the strong chocolate smell. I'm not a fan of chocolate scented anything, but thought it might smell different due to it having the chai in it as well. I would have liked this better if it had Vanilla in it, but the overall feeling of this body butter is wonderful. Definitely makes your skin amazingly soft. I will probably buy some other scents in body butter form. This retails for $10.99 also.

I am really pleased with the overall look, feel, use, & price of these products. I plan to make purchases when I can from FCS. I'm very happy to have found them.

Another thing I spoke about was the Fortune Cookie soap subscription box they offer. It's a 4 time a year, themed subscription soap box with 8 exclusive FCS products. They also include a $10 gift code for a future FCS purchase.

I'm also happy to announce, THEY SHIP INTERNATIONALLY. So for those of you who want to try this box out, NOW YOU CAN. Hurry before they start shipping out their next Soap Box!

I hope you've enjoyed  this review!
I definitely do recommend anyone buying from Fortune Cookie Soap.




  1. The cinnamon one looks good enough to eat! I checked out their store after I saw your haul post and I'm so tempted to buy a couple of their soaps for myself and as gifts for my friends. The shape itself is so cute, and I really like soaps that don't have a lingering scent. Thanks for the review Ashley~

    1. I'm so glad you're considering buying some for yourself & as gifts. These are perfect & so unique! I can't wait to receive their Spring Soap Box!

      Thanks for reading <3

  2. I am very interested in purchasing some of their products after reading your review, and I've put some order yaaayy :) thank you for great review Ashley

    1. Yay, Winda I'm super happy you got some & I can't wait for you to get them. You have to let me know which ones you got & how you like them when you receive them so I can try them as well :D

      Thanks for reading <3

  3. I feel like smelling the soap while reading your post Ashley! Haha they all look so cute and lovely!

    1. If only computers had smell-o-vision! They smell amazing! <3

  4. Weee international shipping! These are sooo cute! I didn't even realize at first they are meant to all be cookie shaped lol. I agree with you, chocolate bath products are no good. I don't feel clean when I use them and they are too heavy usually. Still, I want to sign up for the box :)

    1. I adore how unique these are. I love Lush products, but these seem to compare to them wonderfully. & I'm glad someone else feels the same way about chocolate scented body products! Get the box! GET IT! <3

    Gahh, I'll have to wait a while before I can buy this, gotta go off my no buy first. ;v;
    Thank you for reviewing this products! I, personally, love the chocolaty smell; I'm deff going to see if I can try that body butter out!


    1. Hurry & get off that no-buy! I'm not even sure how people manage to do them, I always end up ruining the no-buy. You should try just about everything named Sandy Claws then, & other items they have with chocolate in them. :) <3

  6. I've never seen such a unique line of soaps! I mean, the detail they put into everything is AMAZING! Oh, and I agree! I would hate to smell like melted chocolate! Something about smelling like chocolate would just feel, unclean! Idk!

    Great post!


    1. Aren't they ?!? I couldn't believe how awesome these were when I recieved them! & another person who doesn't like that weird chocolate smell. It's heavy to me. I don't know how to explain how it makes me feel :P

      Thanks for reading <3

  7. fortune cookies! it really looks yummy ;)