Tuesday, January 14, 2014

REVIEW: Etude House Princess Etoinette 2 Eau de Toilette!

Hello my lovies. It's almost the middle of the week & I'm still battling with this cold I have. I'm hoping to be rid of it or mostly rid of it before the weekend. I have so much going on that I don't need to be sick for! Loading myself up on some medicine. :)

Today I'll be reviewing another product from Etude House's Princess Etoinette 2 Collection. I believe the Eau de Toilette was the centerpiece to the entire 2013 collection. I was really drawn to the bottle & how vintage like he was, with the cute puff you have to squeeze to get the perfume to spritz onto your skin, clothes, etc.

Let's start with the box the perfume box!

I really love the princess feel of this box. I love the silver details along with the white & pale pink colors of the box. The rose accents are by far my favorite element of the packaging. If I had had a place to display this, I would have kept it.


" All your romantic princess dreams will come true. Girls, be the Princess!
From Princess Etoinette...

Etude House
Princess Etoinette
Eau De Toilette

In Versailles Garden, one peony blossomed at the end of a 60cm ling stem just once a year, and Princess Etoinette was fond of this precious flower for it's especially elegant scent.

[ DIRECTIONS & CAUTION ] Do not carry around. 1. For external use only. 2. Avoid contact with eyes. 3. Keep out of reach of children. 4. Discontinue use if signs of irritation and/or rash appear. 

[ INGREDIENTS ] Alcohol, Fragrance, Water, Diethylamind, Hydroxbenzoyl, Hexyl Benzoate, Ethylhexyl, Methoxcinnamate.

Vol. 1.01 fl oz / 30 ml "

For anyone who is curious, this is what a Peony Flower looks like:

Peonies come in various colors, even white!

Easily, one of the prettiest flowers. I love how in the middle of the white is a pale gradient of pink. I can see why Etude House based the scent of the 2013 Princess Etoinette line off of this flower. Even the meaning of the peony flower fits the collection. Peonies are known as the flower of riches & honor. Sounds princess like!

So, fitting with the theme of the collection, the perfume bottle HAS to be the prettiest perfume bottle I've ever gotten!

The contents of the box is the pretty perfume bottle with a silver cap & a perfume puff.

The beautiful detailing of the bottle itself is simple, but very classy & clean.

The bottom of the bottle has some information about the perfume as well as the manufacture date. 

My favorite part of the bottle is the beautiful white lace puff that allows the perfume to be spritzed onto your skin. It's the most elegant touch I've seen on an Etude product. The puff isn't hard to squeeze & the perfume spritzes out enough to last all day.

I can't believe there's a however..

I really am not feeling the scent of this perfume at all. I had super high hopes that this would smell more fresh/floral than floral bc this SMELLS SO FLORAL. This perfume smells exactly like a Peony... like a grandmother. That's what I think of when I smell this. Smells like something my grandmothers would wear. It's sad to say, bc this was a rather expensive product. I really wanted to love this scent. 

EDIT: I forgot to mention something about why you're not supposed to carry this around. Since the puff has to spritz the perfume, the puff has small holes in it. I ended up attaching the puff & threw away the silver cap not thinking. I came home & some of the perfume had leaked out onto some other products I had just bought. If you plan to travel with this perfume, I HIGHLY recommend keeping the silver cap.

What I do like about the bottle is, since the spray nozzle is able to be twisted off, is that you can probably refill the bottle with any perfume of your choice, that is if you can get the cap off of the other perfumes bottle. I'm definitely gonna have to look up a how-to for that. 


If all else fails, the bottle is super cute & works well as room decor. It's kind of what I would have loved to base my room off of if I had the means to do so.

If you'd like to try this product out for yourself:

TesterKorea.com - Etude House Princess Etoinette Eau de Toilette - USD $20.00
Cosmetic-love.com - Princess Etoinette Eau de Toilette - USD $26.33
Beautynetkorea.com - Etude House Princess Etoinette Eau de Toilette - USD $20.61

I hope you've enjoyed this review!

Hope you have a wonderful day! <3




  1. ...Do not carry around? Is that because of the puff or...what exactly?

    1. That's what I needed to address that I didn't! When you have the puff attached, it ends up leaking since the puff has small holes to allow it to spray the perfume. I didn't know that at first & carried it around with the puff attached & the perfume ended up leaking out. Sorry I didn't make that clear ^^;, I'll go ahead & add that in.
      Thanks for reading Chelsea!

  2. I think this would be perfect for me! *A* I love floral scents so much. <3
    I usually mix it with a bit of a sweet, fruity body butter, but floral perfumes are all up my ally, not to mention the bottle is super cute! <3
    I'll keep in mind of your advice and keep the silver cap if I happen to get this. Thank you for reviewing! <3


    1. Then you should get this ASAP, girl! It's a tolerable scent, I'm just unable to wear it all the time.
      Thanks for reading darling! <3

  3. Pretty!!!!!!!! You warned me about the grandma scent but surprisingly I love it haha the hand cream at least but they seem to have similar scent right lol te bottle is so cute but seems troubling at the same time if not careful xD

    1. Maybe it smells different with the hand cream? I love the bottle so much. I wish they would come out with more Princess Etoinette collections. The bottle without the silver cap is really troublesome, but I don't plan on traveling anywhere with it. <3

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