Tuesday, January 28, 2014

REVIEW: Funky Rhythm - Pink from Beautylenses.com! [ SPONSORED ]

My last lens' reviews':

Hello lovies! <3
It's sort of snowing today where I live, so I'm enjoying a relaxing day at home!

Today I'm reviewing another pair of lenses sent to me from BeautyLenses. I decided on getting a different color than a normal eye color from them this time. I know pink is a popular lens color; I have a pair I previously bought awhile back when I was first starting to get into Korean makeup & such.

The lens box, lens case, & the type & color of the lens on the bottom of the box.

The lens' vials' have the same look as the box they came in. You can clearly see the lenses from the bottom of the vials.

You can't really see the pink that well on the lens in the case. The brown outer ring is very prominent in these lenses.

Background Information: 

[ BRAND ] Funky  Rhythm
[ MANUFACTURER ] Dueba Contact Lenses
[ MATERIAL ] Soft hydrogel ( Poly HEMA ), saline.
[ MOISTURE CONTENT ] 38 ~ 42% water.
[ DIAMETER ] 14.5mm
[ BASE CURVE ] 8.9
[ DISPOSABLE ] up to 1 Year. ( depends on frequency of use & care )

One in.

Natural Lighting.

Inside Lighting.


Onto the ratings!

[ DESIGN ] 5/5. I really like the clean & basic design of these. The outer rim is brown & fades into the pink of the lens that completely fades near the cornea of your eye.

[ COLOR ] 3/5. I really love the color pink, but the color pink in this lens doesn't show up on my green eyes. This lens color would look better on people who have brown eyes. Unless you're looking directly into my eye, close up, in good lighting, you can't really tell the lenses are pink.

[ COMFORT ] 5.5 I had no problems with this lens. Very comfortable. Of course, they start getting dry around the 6-8 hours of wear.

[ ENLARGEMENT ] 5/5. I'm more prone to buy lenses with a 14.5+mm to wear, since I like the larger eye look, so these are good on enlargement.

[ OVERALL ] 4.5/5. My only issue with these lenses was that the color didn't show up well on my eye, but these are a very natural pair of lenses, so I can see why they didn't show up well on mine. Like I said, people with brown eyes would definitely love these as the pink will show up better. 


I edited the last one & put a flower crown on my head. Nifty, LOL!

Since these lenses are so comfortable, I keep going back to them to wear them quite often!

As usual, you can use the code ASHLEY at checkout to get a discount.

Hope you've enjoyed this review!
Please keep warm! <3



DISCLAIMER ] These lenses were sponsored & sent to me by BeautyLenses.com for review purposes. All thoughts on the website & lenses are purely mine & mine alone.


  1. The pink doesn't show that much on your green eyes but the blended colors make your eyes even prettier I love it ^^

    1. Thanks darling. It's a good thing I have a pair of pink lenses that show up on my eyes. I'll have to take photos of them one of these days <3

  2. I love the green blended with the pink! *A* <3
    It gives it such a mysterious and mixed look~ Reminds me of a really pretty rock I once saw at the Natural History Museum. <3
    Thank you for the review! <3


  3. I love these pink lenses they look so cool and green eyes *w* Pink lenses always turn out more lila on my eyes T___T I think these lenses make your eyes look sooo big and dolly <3 Thanks for this review :>