Monday, March 24, 2014

Beauteque Sample Baggie!

Hello again lovies. I wanted to post this the second I got it, but decided I at least wanted to try one or two of the samples I was sent. Beauteque, for a limited time, was offering a free sample bag, so OF COURSE, I took the offer & got me one. If they aren't holding these any more, I am so sorry for posting this so late! >.<

The samples came in this beautiful gold rose printed, purple baggie. I actually have a silver one similar to this.

I decided to get three samples of Lioele Super Gold Snail BB Cream. I was really interested in this BB Cream since I've never used one from Lioele. I've already purchased the full size in this!

I also wanted two samples of Lioele's Multi Seaweed Gel. I saw a review on this, so I wanted to try this out for myself as well.

Lastly, another Lioele product. The Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base. I'm excited to see how this works on my skin.

All Lioele. I'm venturing out!
I hope Beauteque comes back out with more of the sample bags. They're super adorable!

Sorry for being so quick lovies!

Have a wonderful day!



  1. The pouch is really pretty Ashley ! Yay all lioele ^^ looking forward to the bb cream review then :D

    1. I love the pouch they sent. I'm so happy I got that BB Cream! xoxo

  2. Omg! Mickee!! I totally forgot about the Seaweed gel!! Me too! I read few reviews about it before and wanted to try it. Okay, let me know what your thoughts on that product, yeah!

    1. I've yet to actually try it, but I'm excited to! :D

  3. I had some samples of the snail bb cream and I really loved it. I'm curious for your review on the fullsize product :)