Thursday, March 6, 2014

REVIEW: Holika Holika Magic Pole Mascara - Volume Type!


Hello there my lovies. I've got a crazy weekend ahead of me. We're all going visit my stepfathers family, so I wanted to take some time out before I go to get a review or two done, because I don't know if I'll be able to when we go out of town!

I love mascaras. I think I look bald without mascara, LOL. I haven't tried a Korean brand mascara before & I had read some decent reviews on Holika Holika's Magic Pole Mascara, so I decided to take a chance & try it out.

The packaging is a beautiful gold & purple foil. I definitely think it looks magical.

A quad of photos showing what this mascara claims to do & not do.


Holika Holika
Magic Pole Mascara
01 Power Volume

This magical mascara vows to look beautiful and glamorous for all day long without a smudge our smear. The two-parted wand allows you to sculpt the perfect lash: The stick part coats with amazing volume and the ball part separates. It lasts through rain, sweat, humidity, and tears, yet the formula removes easily with warm water.


Boots eyelashes up with Magic Stick (B). Separates lashes using the upper part of Magic Ball (A). Wear it alone, or layer it over a few times for instant magical lash change!

I wasn't able to correctly read the ingredients due to the font they used on the box, so I'm sorry I cannot give a full ingredient list here.

There was also a sticker on one of the sides with Holika Holika's emblem. 

Upon opening the box, there's a tutorial on the inside of it on how to properly use the mascara to maximize the wear of the mascara. Too bad it's all in Korean!

The cap has a really nice & detailed design. Reminds me the caps of the Majolica Mojorica mascaras.

Some information on the side of the container.

I really like this wand. On the base, there are tiny little bristles, while on the tip, the wand in much more rounded & the bristles more prominent. They also have a gradient in size as the wand nears the end. The end really helps to get into those areas of the eye that you wouldn't normally be able to with just a regular wand. It also helps get that dolly effect.

The photo on the left shows the mascara applied, without rubbing. I left it on for awhile to allow it time to dry. The photo on the right shows the after effects of me rubbing the spot. The mascara kind of flakes off of my skin, but still stays put.

I also took some before & after photos of my natural eyelashes & the mascara on my lashes.

BEFORE                                                   AFTER

As you can see, the mascara does really add volume & even added a little more length to my lashes. A plus for me since this mascara isn't for lengthening. 

Overall, I really enjoy this mascara. It's not the best, but it works very well for me. I just am not a fan of the mascara flaking off of my lashes if I so happen to rub them the tiniest bit. It's still a wonderful, everyday mascara. I currently have this one in my travel makeup bag. 


If you'd like to try this product out for yourself:

Pretty & Cute - USD $16.99
Koreadepart - USD $7.02
Testerkorea - USD $9.70
Momomango - USD $15.99
Honest Skin - USD $7.27 [ ON SALE ]

Hope you've enjoyed this review!



  1. I just got this from Honest Skin! I think it looks great for a natural look but IMO it's not really all that volumizing...

  2. I am not really good at using mascaras but this one seems so different ~~
    Thankou for the review