Thursday, March 20, 2014

BEAUTY BOX UNBOXING: Memebox Superbox #2!

Along with my 7th Edition Memebox, I also received the Superbox #2 as well. This box was only comprised of makeup items. I like that concept a lot. I hope they plan to make more of these "makeup only" boxes. I have a bit of disappointment that the box only had 4 items, but quickly got over it as I tested out the first three.

Let's get into this unboxing, shall we?

Makeon Super Long Mermaid Gel Eyeliner Season 1

I had been wanting one of these eyeliner sets since I seen them on Memeboxes website, so of course when I saw this in the box, I was sold. I especially love the black, red, & beige liners. I also like how these are super pigmented & smudge proof . They aren't so much wipe proof, but they're still there.

Makeon Chok Chok Shining CC Cushion

I also jumped for joy getting this. I've never tried a CC cream before, or even a CC cushion, so this is a whole new world for me. I like how this does make my skin tone even, but I wouldn't be able to just use this alone without putting a BB cream over this. I think I will like this more if I use it correctly... That packaging though!

Karadium On the Top Fiber Mascara ( Curling )

I've always wanted to try a Karadium product before. I like the length & curl this mascara gives me. The product is really thick though. I can still feel it on my lashes... I don't remember if I removed it or not, but has lasted a shower & work & hasn't gone anywhere.

Cheek Room Dual Lip Gloss

Orange Tint

Cherry Red

This was probably my least favorite item in this box. I don't like lip glosses & I don't feel the orange tint shows up on my lips as I'd like it to. Plus the Cherry Red lip gloss is sticky.. I hate sticky glosses.. I may not use this, ever.

Overall, I am pleased with this box. It would have been cool to see more products in it, but the three items I like, I'm pretty content. Let's see what Memebox has in store for us in the next boxes.

Hope you have a wonderful day! 



  1. Omg Ashley this box is super good! That's why it's super box huh? All the products seem lovely especially the cc cushion. Lately I've been loving cushion products more than bb/cc creams haha. Post a full review please? ^^ how much did you pay for this box though?

    1. It's super bc they're all full sized products, but I like to think it's also super bc the products are mostly wonderful ^^. Of course I can do a full review on the CC cushion. I think this box was around $40, give or take. :3

  2. OMG, this box is awesome. I love makeon :) they have great product ^_~

    1. I'm really happy with the Makeon gel liners I recieved. I'm just going to have to experiment more with the CC cushion. Thanks for reading Winda <3

  3. awww if the tint doesn't show up on you it definitely isn't going to show up on me :( this looks like a fail superbox to me. though i do want the mermaid liners ;)

    1. The tint is just... to milky? If you know what I mean. It's there, you can tell, but it's nothing like te Peripera tint. I wonder if packing the tint on will make it more opaque? I definitely believe they could have added one or two more products for us to try. I hope you enjoy those liners!

  4. I love set items and cc creams :) I've been using cc creams for one year and I don't really use bb and other stuff like I did before. I really love the idea of cc creams :) But still I expect memebox to improve :)
    Curious about cc cushion, will be waiting for full review !

    1. I'm going to have to start using the CC Cushion more. It's my first one! I expect them to improve more as well!
      Thanks for reading <3