Sunday, March 2, 2014

Fortune Cookie Soap Spring 2014 Box!

Lovies, if you adore bath products, especially cute bath products, & LUSH is too expensive for you, then I suggest Fortune Cookie Soap! I've already done a haul for some of their products & mentioned they have a Soap Box subscription that comes every three months. This is the Spring 2014 Box!

The inside of the box looked like that, with added rose petals & pretty blue strings.

This box was split into two themes; The Goods & The Evils.

The Goods
Rainbows! Butterflies! Fig leaf bikinis! We're not gonna lie, The Goods gave us a run for our money. :) But we think we've done "The Garden of Good" justice, with three fragrances that are pure, angelic, and virginal. You know, all that "good" stuff!

Native Nectar Body Wash
Fresh, cracked coconut. No machete required.

Smells like straight up coconut, nothing more, nothing less. I love the pearl white color. 

Afternoon Delight OCD ( Hand Sanitizer )
Pink watermelon dancing with fresh apricots, crowned in white florals.

 I smell the pink watermelon right off the top, but as it sinks into your skin, I smell the apricot & floral notes more. Smells really nice. The glitter is a nice touch, but I don't see any on my hands once I apply it.

Marshmallow Dreams Cuticle Butter
Lavender springs draped over sage and basil, livened with a splash of vodka, and a swirl of sticky, sweet marshmallow fluff.

There is something so warm & comforting about the smell of this cuticle butter. I definitely smell the marshmallow in this more than the other scents. My favorite of all the scents.

The Evils
Yeah, Baby! It's the strangest thing, but once we started on The Evil's, they just came naturally. Weird, huh? :) We don't know what Evil smells like, but we/re getting it goes something like this...

Make it Rain Whipped Cream
Grab your umbrella! Sparkling droplets of citrus & jasmine dripping with musk, clutched by bloated cedarwood boughs.

I definitely smell the jasmine in this. Floral & inviting.

Forbidden Fruit Fortune Cookie Soap
Dusky verbena creeping over fresh blueberry skins and lemon zest.

Check out that marble. I smell more lemon than the other two scents supposed to be present here. However, my mother smells more verbena. At certain times, I'll be able to smell the blueberry. It came with a fortune in it.

" You will receive a fortune cookie "

In due time, I just might! 

Me So Thorny Steam Me Up Scotty!
Me love you long time. Sorry, I couldn't resist! Citrus, lavender and french vanilla corrupted by a dark shadow of patchouli & sandalwood. 


Corrupted by patchouli is right. I can't stand patchouli, but the more I smell this, the more I get used to it, but I doubt I'll be using it.

The Bloom Bloom Room Bath Fizzy
A strop club for flowers?? I wanna go! A sinfully sweet combination of Jasmine, Lilac, and Lily of the Valley darkened with throbbing musical notes of fresh peach & citrus, all swirling around poles of decadent spun sugar.

Smells more like sweet candy to me, but I love it. My second favorite smell of the entire box.

Venus Fly Trap Perfume Oil
Bergamot, narcaisse, & musk lurk beneath delicate notes of water orchid, sparkling lemon & pink jasmine.

I really wish they would have put this in a bigger container. It smells delightful.

That's all for the Spring 2014 Soap Box. I liked a good bit of the items, but I'm hoping the Summer 2014 Soap Box will blow me away.

Also, Fortune Cookie Soap had another round of customized body butters, so I ordered one!

Chai Tea & Cupcake. It smells EXACTLY like almond cake. I also received a sample of The Bloom Bloom Room.

If you decide to get the Soap Box, make sure you keep the information card. There's a $10 coupon code on it towards your next purchase on Fortune Cookie Soap.

Hope you've enjoyed this Soap Box!



  1. Oooh Venus Fly Trap and the marshamallow one sound good to me!

    Even though I hate patchouli too, what is "Me So Thorny Steam Me Up Scotty!"--is it a soap or something else?

    I still need to check this site out. After your last post I wanted to order some stuff haha.

    1. The marshmallow one smells so goood! The Steam Me Up Scotty is a shower steamer, for those who don't like to take baths, they can still get the scent from the shower steamer :) Check them out ASAP I know you'll love it. Thanks for reading <3

  2. You could describe Venus Fly Trap more to me? Would you say it smells anything like, "Off With Their Heads" ?