Tuesday, March 4, 2014

BEAUTY BOX UNBOXING: Memebox's Superbox #1!

I know, I know. I've been blogging a lot about Beauty Boxes lately. ^^; Don't worry, my lovies, I'm going to be doing regular reviews no matter what! I finally got this box in the mail yesterday, so I wanted to not only get this post up now, but give you my first impressions on the products I've used from it ( almost all of them! ). 

Let's get into this Superbox!

SN-T Goddess Cream

 This is one of two plant-stem cell items in this Superbox. The cream sinks into the skin very quickly. I think my only concern is that this is for those with oily skin, & I have combination skin, but I used it & my skin feels hydrated, but not overly hydrated. The area around my nose feels a little tight, but I like this cream. It also smells very nice & clean.

LJH Tea Tree Mask

 I'm super happy Memebox supplied us with three of these masks so we have a chance to really tell if these masks work for us. I do know Tea Tree is very beneficial for those who have problem skin ( acne ). I don't have prominent acne. I only get a breakout every now & then, but I'm hoping this will be able to clear the blackheads I have on my nose. The mask is very nice & wide, so it fits my face & I barely have to adjust the mask. It also stays well onto my face & the essence sinks into the skin wonderfully. If Tea Tree had a smell, I'm sure it'd smell like the essence does.

SKIN 1004 Cocoon Pore Tightening Soap

I didn't use this one yet, due to the fact that I REALLY wanted to see what the Slowganic Cleanser was all about, but I'm very intrigued about this cleanser, especially because of the Cocoon in this. Cocoon in skin care has been hot lately! The bar smells like Dove soap IMO.

Recipe by Nature Slowganic Cleanser - Lemon

Memebox really hit the nail on the head with this product. It's such a unique & fun cleanser with a texture like marshmallows. Gooey & malleable marshmallows that have a lemon smell. The container for this is HUGE & you don't need a lot of this to cleanse your face. I also advise to not turn the container upside down when the cap is off bc the product isn't secure in the container. I'm very happy with this cleanser. My face felt very clean & refreshed.

Natural Cocoon Peeling Silk Ball

I have been waiting for the day to try these out. These little cocoon balls are interesting to say the least, so my mother & I tried these out together & the outcome was awesome for both of us. In the last photo, my cocoon ball is on the right & hers is on the left. I must have had some lingering makeup or dirt in my pores. Not only do these silk cocoon balls get the dirt from your skin, they also help in exfoliating your skin! Our faces felt like the skin of babies faces! I had already made an order for these, so I am happy to have some in my arsenal of skin care.

Ddobyul Plant Stem Cell Anti-Aging Solution

The second plant stem cell product in our boxes & the most expensive product in the box. I've always believed that using anti-aging products while you're still young is super beneficial. Sooner than later! This is a wonderful serum that I plan to use but will regret using bc it is so expensive!

Cheek Room Lip & Cheek - Orange

The only makeup item in this box. This product really translates well onto both the cheek & the lips, although I wasn't able to capture a good photo of the product onto my cheeks. It's a pretty pinky/coral color. Almost like a gloss to apply, but I didn't wear it long enough on my lips to see if it dried anymore. Very easy to blend into the skin as well. I want to get the pink version of this.

So the Superbox #1 turned out to be super successful in my eyes.
I paid $69.99 for everything I got & the total price of all the items is $183.93!

I'm happy with this Superbox, so I have high expectations for the next boxes, which include the Superbox #2, a makeup box, Superbox #3, a hydration based box, & their newest Superbox, Superbox #4, an Etude House based box! The only Memeboxes I wasn't able to acquire was Memebox #1 & #2, so I've been fairly up to date on these!

Hope you've enjoyed the unboxing of Memebox's Superbox #1! 
Share with me in the comments if you got this box & what your impressions were!



  1. Great review, dear! ^^
    I really want to try the Recipe by Nature Slowganic Cleanser.
    It looks great :D


    1. Thanks Debby. The Slowganic Cleanser is awesome & I do recommend anyone trying :)

      Thanks for reading <3

  2. pretty color, your lips look so sexy <3

    1. Awe ^^ Thank you Winda <3
      Thanks for reading <3

  3. Omg Ashley?! Those products are so drool worthy! Haha it's a really nice skincare set for acne prone (?) oily skin like me ^^ I hope I can get to try this super box soon >< the cocoon is so interesting thank you for your photos & reviews ^^

    1. This is a wonderful box for you Misa & I hope you'll get the chance to try this out. I love it, so I know you will ^^ The cocoons are awesome!
      Thanks for reading <3

  4. I'm so excited for the cocoons and marshmallow cleaner! :) The pot color looks perfect on you! I hope it's not too light for me >...>

    1. They're both my favorites of the box. Memebox really stepped it up with this Superbox. I cannot wait for the others! & Thank you ^^ I hope it isn't too light either. It's such a pretty color.
      Thanks for reading <3