Monday, March 31, 2014

REVIEW : Jewelry Haul from! [ SPONSORED ]

Hello lovies. Hope your Monday has been fair to you. Mine was... okay for the most part. Mondays are always the worst!

I'll be getting my photo box tomorrow, as well as posting a new haul for you, so be on the look out for that tomorrow.

A wonderful friend referred me to do some reviews for Shoplately. If you don't know what Shoplately is, it's a website comprised of many brands who range in selling different pieces of jewelry, to bags, to hats, & even clothes. Shoplately has a huge selection of brand as well as items to choose from & have regular sales for certain brands. You have to keep on the look out to see which brands go on sale. 

These are the pieces I received.

My first purchase was from the brand XVII. XVII has a really edgy, vintage feel, along with some pieces that are kind of out there. I love their ear cuffs & dragon pieces a lot.

I chose the Cross Charms Necklace from the shop. 
USD $8.00

I love the overall look of this necklace. I feel I'd be able to wear this with just about anything. My only issue with this necklace is that the chain feels a bit cheap. The crosses make the necklace a bit more heavy. Other than that, this necklace, in my opinion, is a really pretty piece.

Next up, I visited a brand called Opaque Lion. They have a lot of statement pieces in their store as well as some dainty ones as well. 

I chose two dainty rings. Both are made very well, but don't come in sizes you can choose, which is a bit of a let down, but luckily, they both fit on my fingers.

Rose Gold
USD $8.25

How cute! I love how one of the ears is "folded over" for a really cute bunny look. This ring only fits my pinky, but I love how it looks, but I think the ears might get in the way of doing certain tasks. I still enjoy wearing this ring.

Rose Gold
USD $8.50

This ring makes the cutest midi-ring on my pointer finger. I really cannot get enough of this ring. It goes along with the next item I got. 

Then, searching around WANDERLUSTINY, I found the perfect bracelet to match my ring. WANDERLUSTINY sounds exactly what you'd think; beautiful dainty pieces as well as some statement, but the pieces have this feminine touch to them. Best way I can describe the brands' jewelry is something a princess or fairy would wear.

I chose the Anchor Wire Bracelet in gold.
USD $5.99 

Dainty & well made. My only issue with this is how difficult it can be to put this on. I had a hard time at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's simple. Compliments the anchor ring I got so well.

Lastly, & I'm not even sure how I found them, I came across a brand named Jennifer & Soo.
Oh, this brand... I can't find the words for it. If I could buy everything from them, I would!

USD $12.00

These earrings are so BEAUTIFUL it makes me sick! I love how the gold & the pink color of the stones & rose in the center mesh so well. I love the design of these earrings. I love EVERYTHING about these earrings.

My shopping experience with Shoplately was very nice. Though every item came from a different brand as well as a different place, I received them all on the same day. They maybe took less than a week to arrive to me.

I am completely in love with Shoplately & all the stores/brands they carry. 

If you have something you'd like to sell, you could even sell it on Shoplately, so please check the website out when you can!

Hope you've enjoyed this review! Have a wonderful week!



  1. Omg those gold pieces are soooo beautiful! The bunny ring is the cutest for me ^^ love all the pieces you got they're so pretty <3

  2. I'm starting to love gold way too much. Before, I was a silver only type of chick. I'm glad you love the pieces! <3