Tuesday, March 11, 2014

REVIEW: Skin Food Black Egg Pore Foundation!

It seems little man isn't going to sleep any time soon since he slept a good few hours earlier, so I just assume get some long needed blogging done!

I purchased this a while ago from Momomango after a long time searching for this foundation. It's then since been discontinued, but luckily, they had it for sale. I don't believe they have it anymore though, which does make me a little upset. I have yet to re-use it since realizing it's not up on their website.
Let's get onto the review!

The foundation comes in a plastic package. It's quite simple looking, which most of Skin Food's products are.


SKINFOOD Black Egg Pore Foundation

A pore-smoothing foundation with a mousse texture that immediately melts on to the skin and turns a velvety matte finish while imparting flawless coverage for enlarged pores and fine wrinkles. Your skin will look as smooth and firm as freshly hard-boiled egg while.

To Use : Using the enclosed brush, apply an even layer in upwards and outward motions.

Upon opening the plastic packaging, the "egg" can be seen. 

The packaging is definitely cute! However, it's smaller than I imagined. I was hoping for the foundation to have more to it.

More photos of the packaging. 

The cute kabuki brush that comes with the foundation is cute as well. It's soft & dense, too. Works very well to smooth the foundation on the skin.

I can't really say that this foundation has a mousse texture, but it's light texture makes it easy to blend, especially with the included kabuki. I purchased this in shade No. 2 Natural Beige.

The left is the before, while the right is after.
Before, my skin has some redness as well as some discoloration. The foundation has balanced my skin & has hidden the discoloration. I really like the performance of this foundation. It covers very well. It has a light scent & dries to a matte finish, which I really like.

However, this foundation does tend to accentuate dry parts of the skin. Especially on my nose & the skin between my eyebrows, it tends to sit more there than other areas. If you have terribly dry skin, I wouldn't recommend using this unless you exfoliate on a daily basis & moisturize very well. I just so happen to do both even with my combination skin. 


I'm only docking it a little since it does accentuate drier parts of the skin, but if your skin is taken care of, you should be perfectly okay. I wish I was able to find this. If anyone knows where I could possibly buy another one, please leave a comment!

Hope you've enjoyed this review!



  1. Ooh that looks dark on your hand, but not on your face! I had no idea this came with a cute little brush inside. I'm tempted to buy one myself, but I have noticed some of the Skinfood BB's do accentuate dry areas like you mentioned. Not all of them are bad, but it is 50/50. Thanks for reviewing this one :D

    1. I almost thought it wasn't going to match my face as well. This is the only Skin Food foundation/BB cream I've used, so it's good to know that I'll have to watch out when purchasing them. Thanks for reading <3

  2. The little brush is so cute! I really like the idea of this product~ hopefully I can try it sometime^^ Thank you so much for sharing your review Ashley! x

    1. I love the baby kabuki! I hope you're able to try this as well. It's hard to find. Thanks for reading <3

  3. It looks great on your skin, it definitely covered a lot of the redness. I thought it looked super dark on your hand too, but on your face it looks like a good match ^^ That's too bad they discontinued it :(

    1. Thanks Jiru! I like the coverage with this foundation. I just don't like how it accentuates the more dry parts of your skin. :P I wish it wasn't discontinued either! Thanks for reading <3

  4. Oh, I've been after this foundation since I finished my last jar of it. Seems impossible to find it now =(

    Does anyone knows if they have some simmilar in mind to launch?

  5. I really, really want to find more of this too. Isn't it wonderful? It's so weird how a teeny tiny amount covers so much, so perfectly. It's like what you'd expect if it had been formulated by NASA ;) I can't believe something so unique has been dropped.